About Us


Evolution Farming was formed in January 2010 by co-founders Tom Rawson and Oliver Hall with the aim of developing a sustainable dairy business, providing both job satisfaction and wealth creation.  In April 2016 Charlie Crotty brought into the business having approached Evolution Farming to look at a Farm Business Tenancy in Leicestershire.


Evolution Farming specialise in farm management, particularly to the dairy industry.  We aim to maximize stakeholder returns through consultancy, joint ventures, management agreements and land rental.


The philosophy of the company is to keep farming systems simple; as a result block calving crossbred cows with a high dependency on milk from forage are at the heart of the business.


Today the company manages 2,400 cows across 6 sites.  These are run on a range of different agreements from farm business tenancies to simple management fees.  We milk 1,000 cows between two farm business tenancies in Lincolnshire (130 hectares) and Leicestershire (404 hectares).  We milk a further 300 spring calving cows on a contract farming agreement in Ayrshire, Scotland (168 hectares).  Finally we have 3 management agreements where we supply all management and some or all of the labour to the businesses.  The first management agreement is in Yorkshire on a 260 cow spring calving business (135 hectares).  The second is in Cheshire on a newly established 350 cow organic autumn calving business (242 hectares).  The third is in Norfolk where we are establishing a 500 cow organic autumn and spring calving business.  Our agreement in Norfolk also sees us provide full management of 180 suckler cows, 500 lleyn ewes and 350 hectares of arable (1,222 hectares total).


The consultancy side of Evolution Farming has grown from humble beginnings to today giving advice to a range of businesses from practical dairy farmers through to milk companies. The range of clients is highly diverse, from 5000 litres Spring calving Jerseys through to 9000 litre all year round calving Holsteins.