One of the fastest growing parts of Evolution Farming is the consultancy side of the business.

The company now gives advice on an ever expanding 2300 cows in England, Wales and Scotland.

Advice is given on all aspects of dairy farming from pasture management through to budgets and financial analysis, with packages tailored to individual needs. Be this from 5000 litre spring calving Jerseys to all year round calving Holsteins; the emphasis is maximizing profit for the business owners through improvements in cow and farm management developing individual farms strengths.

The unique selling point of this side of the business is certainly the fact that Evolution is involved in practical dairy farming on a day to day basis with a promise that all consultants have learnt about dairying from the parlor pit. More specialist knowledge is bought in for areas such as NVZ’s and higher level nutrition from trusted partners that we use in the wider business.

Comments from some of our clients:-

” Since taking on Evolution farming as my consultants 17 months ago my business has gone from strength to strength. The first step was to put a whole new set of budgets to my bank manager and the next challenge was to deliver. In the first year we then saw a dramatic increase in profits and we are on budget to increase this further this year. Key to this has been to increase our milk from forage through better grassland management and making better silage combined with getting a far better handle on cost control”
Steve Walker, 300 Holstein AYR calving, South Yorkshire

” I employed Evolution Farming with a specific purpose of helping manage my forage quality. Tom or Oliver visited every two weeks in the grazing season, walking the grass and helping me make better decisions on pasture allocation and silage making. Results speak for themselves as our milk from forage has gone from 2500 litres to 4350 a cow saving 925kg per head of concentrates or around £62,000 over the whole herd at £20/ton ”
Jim Baird, 320 Autumn Calver, Lanarkshire, Scotland